Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Box Mix / Manuel Márquez

Manuel Márquez, an architect from San Luis de Potosí, Mexico shared with us “The Box Mix”, a two unit apartment building. You can see more images and architect’s description after the break.

The buliding site is a corner in a midclass residential neighborhood. The site has only 2150 sq ft. The developer intended to build two small single homes but after reviewing the urban regulations we realized that an apartment building was much more profitable. And we could even attach a small commercial space.

The building premise was to provide the maximum privacy and independence to each unit. We located the comercial space at the very corner and so we separated the garage and the access to both units. The building became a pile of boxes, each one on top of each other, with different sizes and rotations. The volume creates a series of terraces. The inner space is”cross-connected” so both units share all stories and terraces. The result was a very unusual apartment building.

01_ground_floor_final 01_ground_floor_final
02_first_floor_final 02_first_floor_final
03_second_floor_final 03_second_floor_final
section_c_c_1 section_c_c_1
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