Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Casa Aquino by Augusto Fernandez Mas

This amazing house located in Morelos, Mexico is called “Casa Aquino” and it was designed by Augusto Fernandez Mas (K+A Diseño). Architect Augusto Fernandez Mas’ emphasis on wood and stone helps blend the house in with its natural surroundings. This single-family residence is located on a steeped lot in front of federal government lands and aside a river; it entailed a series of building and environmental restrictions. The sloped terrain made retaining walls necessary, as well as a drainage system to channel large amounts of rainwater. The house is configured by orthogonal shapes and materials such as wood, stone and metal without artificial claddings. It stands with no protagonism against the rich and abundant surroundings. Finally the most beautiful part of the house is the small pool of stone and its red cedar surrounding pavement that stands as the most intimate space concealed between the house and one of the perimeter retaining walls. – Via
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