Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ecobond gives a new face to urban Portugal

ecobond 1
Designed to be placed in and around Arruda Dos Vinhos, the “Ecobond” by Filipe Lima is an urban installation that apart from enhancing the life quality of Portuguese nationals also gives an identity to the nation. Locating a solar panel on its roof to harness renewable energy, the urban facility accumulates the energy during the day to run the unit as well as power the adjacent public lighting at night. It also includes a layer of plants on top to control the temperature. The energy efficient unit integrates a fountain close to the seat to quench the thirst of visitors. Apart from normal users, the Ecobond also allows easy access to children, elderly and special users on their own. Providing a parking space to park bikes at the rear without obstructing the movement up front, the urban installation also integrates an opaque glass to utilize natural light within the bathroom, while a set of small openings ensures natural ventilation.
ecobond 2
ecobond 3
ecobond 4
ecobond 5
Via: Creatives Diversity
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