Tuesday, September 28, 2010

House at Jardin del Sol : By Corona y P. Amaral Arquitectos

Architects: Corona y P. Amaral Arquitectos
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Project year: 2005
Consultants: DD7 Aparejadores, S.L. (José Manuel Alonso Delgado y Fermín Gutiérrez Hernández ), Diego Estévez
Client: Arsenio Pérez Amaral
Contractor: Construcciones Francisco Rodríguez
Structures: Arquiestructuras Tenerife (Benjamín Cova), Dionisio Castro
Garden: Poa Jardinería (Eduardo Zárate)
Site Area: 626,79 sqm
Constructed Area: 388,97 sqm

The basic idea of the project consists in the location of a monolithic concrete and glass volume over a timber platform located at the edge of a cliff in order to enjoy the amazing view of the 300m cliff, a 1000m long black sand beach, mount Teide and all the north coast of Tenerife island.

Bedroom and service areas are located in a one storie rectangular volume which enters into a double high volume containing the living-room, studio and kitchen. Both volumes organize an L-shape around the black paddle located at the edge of the platform so water surface gets mixed with the one of the sea, so all the areas of the house enjoy the views underlined by wood and water.

A gym is located in the basement with direct access from the terrace and views to the inside of the pound through a glass wall.

The interior and exterior finishing of the closed volume consists in treated concrete while complete walls are used in the facades facing the views. Protection is solved with timber shuts in the bedroom area and outside canvas stores in the living room.

A steel and wood freestanding canopy provides shadow to the central part of the terrace.

Gardening, based in the use of local cliff species, is located in the slope between the street and the built volume so the house seems to be inserted into the natural cliff .
RH1588-4 RH1588-4
RH1588-9 RH1588-9
RH1588-14 RH1588-14
RH1588-16 RH1588-16
RH1588-18 RH1588-18
RH1588-19 RH1588-19
RH1588-27 RH1588-27
rh1588-119-redimensionar-redimensionar rh1588-119-redimensionar-redimensionar
rh1588-119-redimensionar-redimensionar-2 rh1588-119-redimensionar-redimensionar-2
plan 01
planta baja MATERIALES Y USOS (1) plan 01
plan 02
planta alta MATERIALES Y USOS (1) plan 02
roof plan
planta cubierta MATERIALES Y USOS (1) roof plan
south elevation
ALZADO SUR Model (1) south elevation
section 01
SECCION T1 Model (1) section 01
section 02
SECCION L2 Model (1) section 02
section 03
SECCION L1 Model (1) section 03
section 04
SECCION T3 ALZADO N Model (1) section 04
section 05
SECCION T2 Model (1) section 05
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