Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Modern Dream Homes: Concrete House II by A-cero


 Although we’ve seen an increasing number of concrete homes popping up in modern designs of grandeur, there’s still a solid group of people who think concrete and see nothing but impersonal coldness. Those determined to convince the non-believers otherwise can relish in A-cero’s Concrete House II, a modern mansion with everything every homeowner could ever dream of wanting.  The home itself has an open layout with partial walled dividers between the twelve person dining room and luxurious living area.   
The kitchen features slightly eccentric angles and a center island stove with a modern hood and huge bar for sitting.  The rooms at the back of the house are equally impressive.  The concrete floors are covered with large, neutral looking rugs and the coloring on the walls match the overall white and gray scale color scheme of the rest of the home.
It seems that unless you’re in the underground multi-car garage with neon blue lining or the underground home theater complete with projection screen and a made to size sectional, every single piece of Concrete House II connects to the outside world with almost floor to ceiling windows.
The landscape around the home is finely manicured.  In certain sections the grass surrounding the slopes slightly upward about half way up concrete wall support.  In another place the grass slopes upward all the way to the top of the home. Rather than leave the lawn bare, young trees sprinkled about give the landscape a more natural feel and a large pond with a fountain add a water feature the the landscape.
Everything about Concrete Home II is careful and considered.  For all its grandiosity its intimate and balanced in every regard.
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