Thursday, September 23, 2010

Modern Realist Concrete Wallpaper Designs

September 21, 2010 Category: Modern Design  

unique concrete wallpaper designs
The concept of realist wallpaper decorations ideas in this series was looking same with the real performance of the concrete space. We can see the decorative look of the wallpaper as same as the concrete material that usually use for build a home. The main concept was come from the bored feeling of a usual wall decal design. Usually, the pattern of wall decal was the classic, luxury, floral, retro, etc; but now trough these unique concrete wallpaper designs we will see the different performance of a wall decal designs. We will see the decorative performance of a wall decal trough this site. We will see the dynamic design of a wall design trough this review. The color application that covers the whole space of these modern wall decal paper layouts was looking suitable with the concept of modern and unusual. Even designed in unusual design, but the extraordinary look still can be seen here. Now, let’s take a look at this inspirational concrete wallpaper decor. [more]

realist wallpaper decorations ideasrealist wallpaper decorations ideas
modern wall decal paper layoutsmodern wall decal paper layouts
inspirational concrete wallpaper decorinspirational concrete wallpaper decor
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