Thursday, September 23, 2010

Modular Applicable Wooden Storage Designs from Lucie Koldova

September 19, 2010 Category: Decorating Ideas  

modular wooden storage designs
An applicable wooden shelf decor idea from Lucie Koldova was designed for those who still confuse in choose the right furniture for their home. The design of this cabinet was perfectly combine with the color application. We will see the modern look through the whole layouts of this house furniture. We will get the applicable side not only from the design but also the simple ideas of this cabinet. Trough these fancy house shelving and storage layouts we will get a different performance since the designer was already though the function and the decoration of this house furniture completely. Actually, we can try to cover this shelf with our pleasure color application. Other unique decoration from this house shelf was the removable part. We will see completely that the separated parts from this shelf can be removing and out in together. Trough the removable house wooden shelf decor we will get not only one cabinet from one cabinet series. After looking down through the decoration, now we can try to see the complete design of these modular wooden storage designs.

removable house wooden shelf decorremovable house wooden shelf decor
applicable wooden shelf decor ideasapplicable wooden shelf decor ideas
fancy house shelving and storage layoutsfancy house shelving and storage layouts
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