Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unique Contemporary Batik Storage Designs – Asian Furniture Taste

September 15, 2010 Category: Furniture  

unique batik storage designs
The contemporary house storage decor from Crate and Barrel was show off several culture decoration from Asia. We will see the beautiful decoration from the door space of this cabinet. The combination of the Asian was clearly look combine with other country from Asian. We will see the Indonesian culture, Thailand, and other country in this furniture. The batik decoration was combine with the carving decoration in the side line of this cabinet was looking suitable with the whole layouts of this cabinet. Trough this innovative esthetic decorating idea we will get the complete culture from over the world. The perfect combination of the whole decoration included with the batik ornament in this cabinet will completely rob our attention and if we were apply this cabinet in our home this cabinet will be the centre of interest of our space. The color application of this cabinet included with the side line and the batik decor was looking decorative and awesome. So, if you want to show your Asian taste, don’t be hesitating to try on these unique batik storage designs.
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