jnkping by bike 1
Eco Factor: Eco-friendly city where biking is one of the leading aspects.
After the city of Jönköping was viewed as a Super Sustainable City by Swedish architecture firm Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, here is another pioneering proposal for a sustainable future development coming from Swedish architects We Are You. The architects propose an urban development where biking is one of the leading aspects. There hasn’t been much information regarding the complete plan, but the latest project encourages the use of bikes.
jnkping by bike 2
Biking not only offers green mean of transport, but also helps you keep in shape. Looking at the pros of biking, We Are You plans a town where everybody uses a bike. The project Jönköping by Bike is one of the four strategies planned for the sustainable future development of the city until 2050. One of the strategies includes main train stations along the new speed train track, Götalandsbanan, where super speed trains moving at the speed of 300 km/h decreases the distances and creates commuting possibilities between Jönköping and larger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen.
jnkping by bike 3
We Are You and Super Sustainable have also imagined a 4th strategy for the future of Jönköping, a strategy where the focus of interest is located inside a central area defined south of Munksjön – “the city lake.” All these projects certainly promise a green, modern and healthy Jönköping by 2050.
Via: ArchDaily