Friday, October 22, 2010

Brick Sofa Ensures Lots of Hours Of War Play for Your Kids

Post By:Kitticoon Poopong

Brick Sofa 1.jpg
The sofa should be the centerpiece of your living room and hence it should definitely impress anyone seeing it. There are plenty out-of-the-box ideas out there, but this Brick Sofa idea is definitely ingenious. Besides acting as a regular sofa day in and day out, the
Brick Sofa can also act as one of those war sandbag bunkers we see in war movies and news reports all the time. Those comfy sofa pillows certainly resemble sandbags and once your kids realize the potential of the Brick Sofa, when it comes to their war games, you might have to move the couch out of the living room and include it in potential fierce battle scenarios. Oh, and in case you go for this interesting Brick Sofa for your living room then we'd really like to know what other matching furniture you happen to have around the house. Via Versus
Brick Sofa 2.jpg
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