Friday, October 22, 2010

Safo Sofa Will Not Store and Tell : By Baita Design

Post By:Kitticoon Poopong 
Safo Sofa 1.jpg
The Safo Sofa is an interesting sofa choice especially for smaller apartments where making the most of the available space is definitely crucial. The Safo Sofa, besides becoming the central piece of the living room (and quite possibly the only room of your apartment) will also act as a storage unit. The Safo Sofa has plenty of storage space for you and it will
definitely conceal anything you command it to hide, and it will do so with style. Even with the hidden compartments the sofa seems pretty comfortable, although it might not be the best sleeping arrangement you could think of. Of course, if you'd like your sofa to be turned into a double bed from time to time, then the Safo Sofa is not the model for you, no matter how great it looks. Via Baita Design
Safo Sofa 2.jpg
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