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Casa Taanah Sak : By BROISSINarchitects

Ciudad de MéxicoMexico
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Photo © Paul Czitrom 
The  orientation of the ground defined the disposition of the house that lies at the South side, where a dome covers that entire end and it makes it possible to light the halls and circulations of the house; the public and private spaces face the garden.

Photo © Paul Czitrom
The entrance level is made up of an axis parallel to the South frontage that gives access and includes the services of the party room and swimming pool. These two services are in a free story facing the garden, with six columns and a translucent crystal curtain. In the first level, the public area faces the balcony. Here the water mirror marks the continuity of the dome and gives evidence to its sculptural purpose, which together with a masterpiece, it gives sense and warm to the triple height and the terrace.

Photo © Paul Czitrom
In the upper floor, two parallel rectangular masses, with different heights, provide the needed spaces to the private program of the house. The right choice of lattices and the different textures of the walls give scale and nature to the spaces of the project.

Photo © Paul Czitrom 

Photo © Paul Czitrom

Image courtesy BROISSINarchitects

Image courtesy BROISSINarchitects  

Image courtesy BROISSINarchitects 

Image courtesy BROISSINarchitects
Project: Casa Taanah Sak
Architects: BROISSINarchitects
                 Gerardo Broissin
                 Mauricio Cristóbal
                 Rodrigo Jiménez
Design Team: Verónica Rebollar García, María Teresa de la Torre Gorráez, Juan Carlos  González García
Location: Ciudad de México, México
Contractor: PAICSA – Ing. Armando Aiza Mijas
Sculpture: Antonio O’ Connell
Date: 2006
Furniture: Hector Esrawe
Photography: Paul Czitrom
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