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Claremont House : By Brininstool + Lynch

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Brininstool + Lynch
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Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett
Brininstool + Lynch has designed the Claremont House located in Chicago, Illinois. Due to its long lot site, the house was designed with the full width of window walls at both front and back sides of the house to maximize the penetration of the natural daylighting into the interior spaces, and also to create a stronger visual relationship between living spaces and courtyard.
http://plusmood.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Claremont-House-Brininstool+Lynch_plusMOOD-02.JPG Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett
Project description courtesy of Brininstool + Lynch
Traditional materials of brick, concrete, limestone, steel, and zinc are used to form a non-traditional house on a typical lot on the north side of Chicago.
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett
The house further resists city conventions by uniting the front yard with the back through visual transparency, where sheets of glass more than ten feet high and fourteen feet wide terminate an open plan of sixty-three feet in length on the first floor. A three-story volume of millwork separates the floors from the vertical circulation of the stairway and contains storage and equipment, neatly separating functional performance from open space.
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett
An island of stainless steel for kitchen use and dining is the only object built within the open space of the first floor. This area overlooks a courtyard, as well as the green roof of the garage.
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett 
The ground floor houses the guest room and family room, and is also framed by a large sheet of glass that brings the outdoor courtyard visually into the interior, flooding this area with ambient natural light. An outdoor stairway from the kitchen to the courtyard is wrapped with perforated zinc panels that shade southern light into the courtyard. Private rooms for the family of four are located on the third floor.
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett
Of the home’s many green and sustainable features, the thermal mass of the concrete on the lower level provides natural cooling in warm weather, and is distributed by operable windows in alignment with the stairs. The open risers of the stair allow for continuous air movement, and with the strategic placement of windows, the stairway acts as a natural turbine for moving cool air from the lower level, and displacing warm air on the upper levels. In cool weather, the open risers of the stair allow warm air generated from the radiant floor system of the lower level to circulate upwards by the strategic placement of return-air ducts.
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett 
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett 
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett 
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett
Photo © Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett 
Floor plans--drawings courtesy of Brininstool + Lynch
Section--drawings courtesy of Brininstool + Lynch
Natural ventilation--drawings courtesy of Brininstool + Lynch 
Radiant heat distribution--drawings courtesy of Brininstool + Lynch

The people
Architect: Brininstool + Lynch
Project:  45600 Claremont House
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Design: 2006
Construction: November 2006 – October 2007
Consultants: C.E. Anderson & Associates, Structural
Contractor: Goldberg General Contractors
Materials: Poured-in-place concrete, Norman brick, limestone, zinc, steel framing and windows, quarter-sewn red oak, ground concrete floors.
Project Area: 4,250 square feet
Photography: Hedrich Blessing and Christopher Barrett Photographer

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