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Corinth St House : By Daniel marshall architect ltd.

corinth st, meadowbank, auckland, New Zealand
Daniel marshall architect ltd.
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Photo © Simon Devitt
The corinth st house alteration was formed out of the need to generate a functional and sensitive addition to an existing house, constructed c. 1963 and designed by the architect vladmir cacala. The existing house was published in an issue of the architectural review and is an example of the modernist domestic architecture appearing in new zealand at the time. this piece of architectural heritage was in fairly original condition and had retained many of the specific details which distinguished the house as an exemplarily piece of modernist architecture of the time.
http://www.e-architect.co.uk/images/jpgs/new_zealand/auckland_house_simondevitt_dmdiskaut07_1.jpgPhoto © Simon Devitt 
The design intention was to provide modern living necessities while disturbing the existing house as little as possible. the new additions are to the east of the existing house minimally disturbing the existing concrete block wall, linking the two forms through the line of the existing house’s corridor, and stepping back to retain the overall proportional integrity of the existing house. the addition, clad in anthra zinc, cradles a conceptual fragment of the original which functions as a bedroom.
Photo © Simon Devitt  
Photo © Simon Devitt
Photo © Simon Devitt 
Photo © Simon Devitt
Photo © Simon Devitt 
Photo © Simon Devitt
Photo © Simon Devitt 
Photo © Simon Devitt

The people
project: house corinth st alteration
architects: Daniel marshall architect ltd.,daniel marshall, daniel lewis, mike hartley
site: corinth st, meadowbank, auckland, New Zealand
completion: 2006
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