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Erlenbach House : By Burkhalter Sumi Architekten

Zurich, Switzerland
Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
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Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein 
Single Family House, Erlenbach
The unique premise situated below Pflugstein, a popular recreational destination above the lake of Zurich, consists of two different zones, one on a higher artificial plateau and the other one on a declining hillside overlooking the lake. In the eighties, the existing group of houses on the plateau was renovated and expanded into a walled-in housing complex by the architect Pierre Zoelly. The building is situated at the junction between the plateau and the hill, south of the existing housing complex.
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein
The square layout is inspired by classical roots. The generous hall, with the ultra-large skylight, opens up the „exterior facade“ of the four rooms. From the hall, the stairway is moved into the opening up of the core and the room is made for a small library. The two loggias expand the hall into the exterior area and orient the building along the hillside.
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein
The groundfloor, or rather the basement, is organized in layers and runs parallel to the hillside. With the view of the lake of Zurich and the alps, the attached wooden porch articulates the edge of the hill, anchoring the building to the terrain. The kitchen dining room area extends the entire width of the room towards the south into an intimate patio of stone tiles. The exterior wall of the dining room generates two different views, one over the patio southwards and one over the living room and the porch toward the city of Zurich. 
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein 
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein
The project superimposes two different typologies: a classic-symmetrical one and a modern layered one on the groundfloor. Together with the terrace and the protruding loggias, a new place arises with vibrant and articulated volumes..
Like the houses at Wehrenbachhalde, the facade – according to Semper‘s „Bekleidungstheorie“ – envelops the building, „clads“ the skeleton and covers the constructed layout. The facade consists of a filigree of vertical larch slats whose greying process is prolonged by new nanotechnologies.
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein 
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein
Photo © Courtesy of Heinrich Helfenstein
The people
Architects: Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
Design Team:
Bauherrschaft: private, Erlenbach / Architekten: burkhalter sumi architekten gmbh, Zürich / Mitarbeit: Rahel Lämmler, Damir Trakic / Bauleitung: GMS Partner, Zürich, Susanne Hutz / Bauingenieur: Dr. Lüchinger & Meyer AG, Zürich, Daniel Willi / HLS Planung: 3-Plan AG, Zurich, Simon Fiechter / Elektro Planung: 3-Plan AG, Kreuzlingen, Livio Violka / Fotos: Heinrich Helfenstein, Zürich / Adresse: private Erlenbach
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Photography: Heinrich Helfenstein
Erlenbach Zurich images / information from Burkhalter Sumi Architekten 2008
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