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House Pozuelo Madrid : By A-cero

Madrid, Spain

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http://plusmood.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/house-pozuelo-madrid-2.jpg images courtesy A-Cero

images courtesy A-Cero

House in Pozuelo Madrid, enveloped by a solid marble shell is to appear as an identity of protection. It stands out for its geometric purity, material sophistication and compositional elegance. Designed by Spain practice architect A-cero.
images courtesy A-Cero

images courtesy A-Cero

Project description below provided by architect, A-cero

The house is located in a 1-hectare site of fairly rectangular shape. Developed along the Eastern margin of the site, which runs adjacent to the road, it is structured around two axes cutting in an oblique angle.
The first axis, following the North-South direction, organizes the rooms in the house around a series of intersecting volumes that give rise to the different inside and outside spaces.
The second axis, materialized in a pergola or beam running in East-West direction, determines the relation between the building and the spaces surrounding the house.
The neatness of the design is enhanced with the clean choice of finishes.
images courtesy A-Cero

Our aim is to deepen the connection between culture and life in a modern style, and consciously build a bridge between art and object. Our working method is directly connected to the purest tradition of minimalism, concerned not only with the nature of art but also with finding a place for art in society.
Holes and empty spaces are dealt with in a neat and powerful way, using glass to close those openings. The set of bookshelves features a laminated glass structure, for a total dominance of the living room’s space. All furnishings emphasize the intrinsic characteristics of the space they are integrated into.

images courtesy A-Cero

The balance on which rest the three principles defining this construction, beauty, firmness and utility give us the key to confront its forcefulness, which emerges as a great sculptural work. It is a plastic reality: the singularity of the house defines a researching purpose that places value on aesthetic originality and artistic excellence. It stands out for its geometric purity, material sophistication and compositional elegance.
images courtesy A-Cero 
The travertine marble shell is understood as a refuge and protection of identity. The purity of shapes creates a complex that is consistent with a structure formed only by concrete walls with an absence of intermediate pillars. It stands on a plot situated on a longitudinal north-south axis that brings sunlight into all the rooms.
The slope of the land allows all the storeys to have an issue to the outside. The entire architecture appears framed within an exceptional environment: a garden of generous dimensions continues the harmonious lines of the construction, like a soft rug dotted with abundant planters and flowerbeds. A large steel beam marks the entrance via a colossal door. Inside, the window concept disappears and turns into openings. The size is suitable, proportioned and appropriate, thus conferring importance to the open spaces, the soft colours and the clean lines of the finishes.

images courtesy A-Cero
Beauty is localised in essential and simple minutiae and finds emotion in the detail, becoming the axis on which its logic turns and the point of support for its aesthetic projection. The visual experience of brightness and colour impregnates the architecture with its placid and unanimous sensibility. There is an evident link between the rooms and their outward continuity, with routes marked by the absence of doors, which are replaced by panels.
images courtesy A-Cero
Noteworthy in this line is the 17-metre window that shifts inwards, opening up the living room to the garden via one of the laterals. The rooms are comfortable, ample, with slight decorations and everything reduced to essentials, through volumes situated on two axes and two floors with a basement housing the garage in a startling design, the gym, a cellar, the music room and the indoor swimming pool. Revealing great skill in the layout, we find on the ground floor a large cylinder in marble, a material present in all the rooms on this floor, which organises what develops around it: the living rooms, dining rooms and service zone joined via a staircase with a magnificent red backdrop from which hangs a work of art in grand display and with the upper floor housing the bedrooms, the bathrooms finished in ash wood and the library, arranged as a great box of books, around a glass walkway overlooking the main drawing room.
images courtesy A-Cero 
images courtesy A-Cero
Basement Floor Plan--courtesy A-cero
Ground Floor Plan--courtesy A-cero
Upper Floor Plan--courtesy A-cero
Elevation--courtesy A-cero
Sketch--courtesy A-cero
Sketch--courtesy A-cero
Sketch--courtesy A-cero
Sketch--courtesy A-cero

The people
Project: House Pozuelo Madrid
Architect: A-cero
Location: Madrid, Spain

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