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L House : By moomoo Architects

Lodz, Poland
moomoo Architects

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l-house-1 l-house-1
Photo © moomoo Architects
It is the first house whose elevation has been made entirely of a plastic insulating material -Thermopian. Usually, this material has been used only for roofing. Thermopian has good thermal, acoustic and insulating properties and it can have any required colour.
l-house-0 l-house-0
Photo © moomoo Architects 
We were intent on the house form to relate to the proportions of a Polish house but at the same time we wanted it to be simple and redefined. One distinctive leaning wall is a result of a compromise between a simple shape and the local law, which requires building in line with plot borders.
l-house-2 l-house-2
Photo © moomoo Architects  
l-house-3 l-house-3
Photo © moomoo Architects 
l-house-4 l-house-4
Photo © moomoo Architects  
l-house-5 l-house-5
Photo © moomoo Architects
l-house-6 l-house-6
Photo © moomoo Architects 
rzut1 plan 02plan 02--drawing courtesy of moomoo Architects
rzut0 plan 01plan 01--drawing courtesy of moomoo Architects

The people
Architects: moomoo Architects (Jakub Majewski, Lukasz Pastuszka) + Tomasz Bierzanowski
Location: Lodz,
Project year: 2008
Project area: 200 sqm

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