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Cigadung House : By designstudio

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Image © Courtesy of designstudio
It is a concept of stacked house/villa approached in an urban site at Jalan Cigadung, Bandung, and West Java, Indonesia. It derives from the ‘crowd’ of its residential complex that challenges us to recreate the program within the site. It comprises of three storey, on the lowest floor (semi basement) consists of garage for two cars, store, shoe cabinet, maid’s room & bathroom, also by introducing garden at this level allowed natural light and air to enter at this level.
Image © Courtesy of designstudio
Meandering thru staircase from semi basement level to the 1st storey level its lead to an open concept living and dining room with courtyard at the rear site as a response to the tropical climate for an instance. At this level as well it has a powder room for guest to use, kitchen, and also at this level there is a concept of water collection system from the rain water that is being reserved and filtered in the reflective pool and it is at the staircase foyer that lead to the second storey, the space volume are envisioned as a double storey foyer to create a grand effect to this approach.
Image © Courtesy of designstudio
On second storey all bedrooms are orientated toward North & South and it has two outdoor decks that offer possible view toward the city view at night and a private deck that has an internal view toward the courtyard behind. The framed view toward the city also can be enjoyed at the master bedroom also from the outdoor deck as the leisure part of the house that can be optimized as a barbeque deck, outdoor lounge and so forth.
floor plans--Image © Courtesy of designstudio
elevations--Image © Courtesy of designstudio
The stacked house/villa are expressed as a transparent elongated box at the 1st storey and leisure box are being juxtaposed at the 2nd storey house with brown textured concrete that is cantilevered out and serve also as an entry canopy for main entry from the 1st storey. It is an offer of a house/villa concept in urban site condition that optimizing the view.
axo & section--Image © Courtesy of designstudio
The people
Architect: designstudio
Principal: Asa Darmatriaji
Co-founder: Davi regines
Location: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Site area: 213 sqm
Built-up Area: 243 sqm
Status: On hold, construction date on 2012
Established: 17 February 2010
Active members: 3 persons | Asa Darmatriaji, Davi Regines, Heidy Amanda H.M.
Architect’s blog: http://www.designstudio-indonesia.blogspot.com/
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