Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pavilion at Park Aventura Portugal : By Paratelier

Almada, Portugal
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Photo © Courtesy of Paratelier
This is an exhibition of work organized by the GiArch (National Coordiantion of Young Italian Architects) and UTET Technical Sciences® which have started a collaboration to promote the Italian architecture ” under 40 “, through the series of monographs of new series of publications “LineaGiArch” and through an exhibition of young Italian architects called “Progetti di Giovani Architetti Italiani”.
Photo © Courtesy of Paratelier

A volume, a network of shadow, so it can be defined the pavilion at Park Aventura in Almada, Portugal.
The wooden pavilion mysteriously stands in openness of a green grass and bark flakes, together with scattered pine trees whose thin appearance challenges its horizontality. Soft light, suspended time, shadow that create architecture, so pavilion reveal itself to the visitor of the park, who while walking can’t avoid seeing the semi-transparent structure, where full is void, where inside is outside.
Photo © Courtesy of Paratelier
Flexible, foldable, unfoldable. One central space, freestanding and multifunctional, able to host small events, shows and conferences, equipped with a structure defined by doors, designed as a support for exhibitions and projections.
Photo © Courtesy of Paratelier
Completely opaque internal elements put the focus on the functionality of reception the room, the sanitation and the technical areas for the maintenance of the park. Among the flowing volumes, among the light reflections that are seen, among the projected shadows that are hiding.
plan+section--drawing Courtesy of Paratelier
One unique material: a wood, outside rough, not treated, rugged, plain, full. It is transformed into the surface more and more defined and refined. Walls of wood chips characterize an external volumes – OSB.
elevation+section--drawing Courtesy of Paratelier
Surfaces of wood dust surrounds the toilet from the inside – MDF. The dark and wrinkled floor is one continius surface. Inside and Outside overlap, Pinewood and Pavilion merge.
detail--drawing Courtesy of Paratelier
The people
Architect: Paratelier – Leonardo Paiella, Monica Ravazzol Client: Camara Municipal de Almada
Landscape architecture: Global – Joao Gomes da Silva, Sofia Raichande
Contingency plan: Tabique, Engenharia Lda
Structure: Adao da Fonseca – Pedro Moruja
Engineering: Acribia Engenheiros Lda – Joana Andrade
Contractors: Ceramica Vala Tossca

Location: Almada, Portugal
Costs: 120.000 euro
Project: 2007
Construction: 2009
Volume dimension: 105 m3
Surface indoor: 121.80 m2
Surface outdoor: 68 m2
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