Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mini Transformed into a Luxury Entertainment System : By David Gawthorpe

David Gawthorpe
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Photo © Courtesy of David Gawthorpe
Designer David Gawthorpe from Lower Hopton, West Yorkshire has created this ultimate boys\' toy out of a Mini Cooper. This luxury chair is perfect for luxury gadget collectors. The multifunctional Mini Cooper chair is not only a chair, it has a remote controlled smoke machine, the 500-watt amplifier, iPod dock and headphones, strobes and laser and even
dispenses chilled beer. Alloy wheels become two extra seats as well as sound amplifiers, while it also sports a high gloss black finish and polished chrome parts. David Gawthorpe spent two years turning the front end of a Mini into a multi-function console and the retail price of this special gadget chair is £8,000 ($12,930).
Photo © Courtesy of David Gawthorpe
Mr Gawthorpe said: ‘It’s a theatre-movie chair, a gaming chair, a workstation and a music centre. It would interact well plugged into a large TV for watching films. If you are watching Saving Private Ryan it has a vibration pad called the “Butt Kicker” that reacts to bullet sounds.’ 
Photo © Courtesy of David Gawthorpe
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Furniture Designer: David Gawthorpe
Photographs: Courtesy of David Gawthorpe
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