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Baku Chinar Restaurant : By Blue Sky Hospitality

Baku, Azerbaijan
Blue Sky Hospitality
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Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality
CHINAR: a taste of the Orient, near and far.
Chinar is a multi-purpose dining concept spread on two floors over 1400 M2. The trend-setting and category-busting “super club” is poised to revolutionize the dining scene of Central Asia, with already more than 20,000 regular fans on Facebook.
Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality
The Chinar brand identity, interior design and lighting scenography have been created by Henry Chebaane and his team from Blue Sky Hospitality, a multi-disciplinary creative agency specialized in sensory branding and holistic brand development for restaurants and bars worldwide. Henry Chebaane has created a design narrative combining a local sense of place with Pan-Asian aesthetics inspired by the Oriental plane tree (“chinar” in local language), mulberry tree, silk, dragons and fire… cultural elements shared by Azerbaijan and China and has re-imagined them into a contemporary environment of bespoke detail and sophisticated materials. The overall internal space is akin to a virtual tree house with carbonized bamboo flooring from Sichuan, a triple height ceiling covered by 155 vertical timber fins like a giant canopy of branches and a multitude of wooden floor screens with botanically-inspired fretwork.
Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality
Ground floor:
The Bamboo Bar and tea lounge feature a cocktail bar and tea station made of walnut and emperador marble: the setting for dramatic service rituals involving fire and steam.
The seating includes a mixture of modern Asian and Frank Lloyd Wright pieces, upholstered in bespoke two-tone lime green leather and accents of magenta fabric.
The dining space is anchored by a theatre kitchen with steam and noodle station, charcoal satay grill, wood-burning oven and Chinese turbo woks. A fully glazed walk-in wine and sake cellar stocks over 200 premium labels under temperature control.
Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality
Chinar features innovations such as a multi-media art installation for the main staircase acting as an experiential hub to connect the two dining floors: bespoke light fittings, experimental 3D mapping techniques and theatrical engineering turn the steps into a liquid gold cascade mixed with glowing embers and billowing smoke effects.
Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality

Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality
The Audio-visual scenography for Chinar includes exclusive art video clips, wooden birdcages from Guangzhou and hand-made pendants made of a thousand silkworm cocoons.
Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality
The bespoke furniture mixes walnut burl veneer and dark teak with reptile-embossed leathers in shades of ruby, burnt gold and amber. The lounge design references both Azerbaijan “land of fire” and the mythical local hero “Bahram Gur”, dragon-slayer whose nearby statue is a Baku landmark. The Dragon Lounge, which include a sushi and vodka bar, is open each evening to host sets by international DJs such as REG Proj nd Ravin.
Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality

Photo © Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality

floor plan--drawing Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality
The people
Interior Designer: Blue Sky Hospitality Ltd.
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Design Team: Henry Chebaane, Simeon Wake, Tapio Rosenius
Client: Pasha Construction
Enclosed Area: 1400 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Blue Sky Hospitality
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