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Public Library and Reading Park : By Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto

Torre Pacheco, Spain
Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto
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Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos
'Library and reading park in torre pacheco' by spanish architect martin lejarraga has received the first prize in the built category at the 2010 urban intervention award berlin. by creating a new topography from the architecture itself and incorporating an open air park within the built program, the complex is an integrative urban space with social, cultural and design elements. 

Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--aerial view

Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--school courtyard and island
The u-shaped library carves out a central public access which features a skate park, green space and bike park. the outward facing perimeter of the library seemingly pulls up the surrounding landscape to create a new terrain which accommodates new public zones including a gallery, flora gardens, numerous sporting facilities and a school.
Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--elevation and window treatment of school

Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--playing field adjacent to the school

Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--grass tile approach
Housed in a building shape similar to that of the library, the school lines the west end of the site and bends around to meet the raised topography. the courtyard features a covered hall with 330 seats and is capable of hosting performances and lectures.to continue the facade language between the school and the library, both buildings share a paneled look with colour-blocking. 
Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--translucent panel cladding

Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--raised topography overlooking the library courtyard

Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--pod spaces and reading park

Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--tinted windows of the library

Photo © Courtesy of David Frutos--the library at night

master plan--drawing Courtesy of Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto

floor plan of library--drawing Courtesy of Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto

section 01--drawing Courtesy of Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto

section 02--drawing Courtesy of Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto

section 03--drawing Courtesy of Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto

masterplan of the surrounding site--drawing Courtesy of Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto

model--drawing Courtesy of Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto--school in the foreground, library in the background
The people
Architects: Martin Lejarraga Arquitecto
Location: Torre Pacheco, Spain
Built-up Area: 2,465 m2
Site Area: 18,500 m2
General Budget: 2,460,000 euros
Client: ayuntamiento de torre pacheco
julián lloret, daniel ruiz, simón jiménez, mar melgarejo,
manu amate, policarpo sánchez, claudia montoya
General consultant: ACE edificación (mariano alegría, josé ibeas, pedro ruiz)
Photographs: David Frutos
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