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Deli at Gateway : By 10×10 Design Consultants

Taj Gateway, Kochi, India
10×10 Design Consultants
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Photo © Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
India-based architectural practice 10×10 Design Consultants has designed a cafe for Deli at Gateway in Kochi, India.
Photo © Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
"[One] is simultaneously both a ‘victim’ and a viewer, who on the one hand surveys and evaluates the installation, and on the other, follows those associations, recollections which arise in him[;] he is overcome by the intense atmosphere of the total illusion."
IIya Kabakov
Photo © Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
This 800 sft space is a cafe that’s part of an up market chain of hotel. The client brief was to develop a design that reflects the “today” and to address a younger crowd. The internal area of 600 sft has the guest seating area as well as the service counter. The out door area deck of 200 sft has casual seating.
Photo © Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
The idea of a cafe being primarily a transit was the basic premises on which the design evolved.
This involves a very broad range of everyday materials that have been chosen at times for its evocative qualities. The design has been developed on the basis of local references. The site is located next to the shipping port of Kochi. The primary tone has been restricted to shades of brown. However red being their corporate color had to be incorporated on the primary board and furniture. The 5 key elements that’s holding this space together would be saucer lights, metropolis, rust wall, 361 lights and the Kochi – New York installation.
Photo © Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
- Saucer lights- In terms of material these are saucers that’s often used to mix cement and aggregates at construction site. This light is part of the mood setting and adds to the character of the ceiling.
- Metropolis- The metropolis has drawn inspiration from the night light scape of the city. The lit urban fabric that’s visible from a tall building or more ideally a flight is the primary thread of this wall of light. Fragments of mild steel platestaggered over 7 levels with 7 shades finished to get a similar texture to that of the wall forms the metropolis. During day time, even when not lit the variance in color from plate to plate makes it lively.
Photo © Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
- Kochi-New York- This installation acknowledges “New York” as the commercial capital of the world. The idea of location has been represented in abstract form through the “Deli at Gateway” board and the Bread stand. The city of Kochi has been mapped and it’s been extruded to transform into the identity board. The city of New York with its grid layout transforms to form the bread stand.
- Rust wall- This takes its cues from the shipyard that’s located behind this property. Its rusted steel sheets reflect the metal hull of the ships.
Photo © Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
- 361 lights- This is all about memories. We and our generation grew up under such incandescent lights. It’s primarily a tribute to the past. The light has glows at different intensities through the voltage fluctuations. It’s reminiscence of the past. The 361 lights glow with a bare minimum intensity.
floor plan--drawing Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
The people
Interior Designer: 10×10 Design Consultants
Location: Taj Gateway, Kochi, India
Project Area: 800 sft
Photographs: Courtesy of 10×10 Design Consultants
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