Monday, May 30, 2011

Freefolded Paper Pendant Lamps : By Andrew Ooi

Andrew Ooi
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Photo © Courtesy of Andrew Ooi
At the 2011 Interior Design Show in Toronto, Canadian designer Andrew Ooi exhibited his freefolded paper pendant lamps.
Photo © Courtesy of Andrew Ooi
Photo © Courtesy of Andrew Ooi

Photo © Courtesy of Andrew Ooi
Photo © Courtesy of Andrew Ooi
Photo © Courtesy of Andrew Ooi
The people
Lighting Designer: Andrew Ooi
Materials: Paper, Eco/Recycled/Green
Photographs: Courtesy of Andrew Ooi

About Designer
Andrew Ooi is a self taught Toronto born artist. His intent is to 'bring a new light to origami' through its practical application to modern living spaces. Ooi is always looking for new and inventive ways to apply his unique brand of origami, particularly within the realm of domestic and commercial spaces where he seeks to perfectly blend expression with practicality. With this in mind, Andrew Ooi's craft is that of "Lived Art". His work is not simply meant to be passively enjoyed, as perhaps a sculpture or a painting, but rather takes an active role in forming the energies within the spaces it inhabits.
The lamps are a blending of ancient origami techniques and modern light technologies. Constructed from multiple sheets of paper, they range in size from ten inches to three feet in diameter. They are put together without the use of glue or other binding methods beyond the folds of the paper. The clustered luminous shapes employ a rhythmic geometry as the simple paper materials when lit from within, radiate their golden layers. The results are pieces that both evoke a meditative state and inspire the imagination.
Beyond Andrew Ooi's independent art and design projects, he is also interested in collaborative efforts to expand upon both the visual effect of the works themselves as well as the use of origami as a medium. Examples of this can be seen in the use of silk-screening and wood-working in some of his pieces. Ooi's focus on reusable and renewable resources (such as compact florescent lighting and salvaged wood) makes his illuminated hanging and freestanding geometric shapes both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious.
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