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Unorganized Cabinet : By Colin Tury

Colin Tury
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Photo © Courtesy of Colin Tury
I just graduated from CCS (College For Creative Studies) in Detroit, MI. with a degree in furniture design and a minor in industrial design.
Photo © Courtesy of Colin Tury
Photo © Courtesy of Colin Tury
This piece is from my senior show which consisted of a full living room set. The main theme to my show was about my unorganized lifestyle. This piece in particular was about balancing all the clutter. It was a study done for my advanced woodworking class to test the utility of a common drawer and door.
Photo © Courtesy of Colin Tury
Photo © Courtesy of Colin Tury
Each individual cabinet represents a particular element in my life. The cabinet consist of a large 2 door cabinet and 3 separate drawer cabinets. Each drawer has fully functional wood slides. The frame holding up the cabinet represents my construction background and appears to be nailed to the cabinet as a temporary support.
Description from the designer
Photo © Courtesy of Colin Tury
Photo © Courtesy of Colin Tury
Designer Statement:
My work uses materials and familiar gestures to bring the story to life. I use the physical attributes of each material to evoke a visceral emotion that one can relate to. The second thing I consider is the way the materials come together. The interaction of the materials alone is enough to tell a story of how the elements will react together. The concept will express this relationship to tell the story and turn an ordinary functional item into a living piece of art.
My final intent is to not change the furniture, but change the way we view it and alter the emotion we get from it.

The people
Furniture Designer: Colin Tury
Type: Cabinet
Materials Combination: Wood, Eco/Recycled/Green
Photographs: Courtesy of Colin Tury

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