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Herold Social Housing / By Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes

Paris, France 
Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes
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Photo © Courtesy of Paul Raferty
The program is for 100 social apartments, the ground floor being designed for handicapped persons, and some shops at street level.

Photo © Courtesy of Paul Raferty
In this project we had to create three separate buildings on fragments of left-over land, to be created from a series of different factors, such as site views, Hausmannian setback rules, preservation of ancient trees and unbuildable land rules.
Photo © Courtesy of Paul Raferty
After understanding how difficult these requirements would be and how they would impact the site, we decided to create these buildings more as resultant elements from the urban space.
Photo © Courtesy of Paul Raferty
Conceptually we proposed a huge urban matrix in three dimensions, with the imagined floors generating the increment, we then went through a careful cutting and coring of this matrix with the above series of forces acting as provocative devices until defining the finished project.
Photo © Courtesy of Paul Raferty
A series of filters on deep planted loggias permit wind or sun protection.
In this project we followed the environmental procedure for Habitat and Environment.
The apartments are facing several orientations, with double orientation most of the time and similar in superposition in all of the levels.
The apartments are distributed by large exterior walkways which offer by extension a new public space for each apartment.
Photo © Courtesy of Paul Raferty
The apartment type is adapted to a bioclimatic concept adapted to the different seasons. The rooms (kitchens, bathrooms) orientated to the north have small openings and a greater thermal isolation to the outside. Facing south, the living rooms and bedrooms are glassed floor to ceiling giving to a generous balcony protected by an overhang from the balcony above of at least 2m.
site plan--drawing © Courtesy of Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes
In winter time or mid-season, the balconies can be used as winter gardens, by an exterior transparent store made of ETFE. This system is conceived to entrap the free calories produced by the sun and thus warm the rest of the apartment space.
floor plan 1--drawing © Courtesy of Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes
floor plan 2--drawing © Courtesy of Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes
Solar thermal panels mounted on the roof, produce 65% of the hot water for the bathrooms.
The landscape space is conceived in three layers i.e : ground floor public garden, private balcony garden and facetted roof scape integrating solar panels.
section 1--drawing © Courtesy of Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes
section 2--drawing © Courtesy of Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes
The project is thus the result of urban and ecological rules taken as the conceptual starting point and alternative determinators in the creation of a new urban housing response.
Description from the Architects:
model--drawing © Courtesy of Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes
Project Data
Project name: Herold Social Housing
Location: Paris, France
Program: 100 social apartments
Project Year: 2009

The people
Architects: Jakob + MacFarlane Architectes, Paris, France
Landscape Architect: Cap Paysages, France
Structural Engineer: Batiserf Structures, France
Photographs: © Paul Raferty

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