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ZigZag House / By mA-style architects

Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan
mA-style architects
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
The building site is located on residential area that was subdivided by development project in 1980's.

Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
We can see nice fields of rice and other crops around here. Well kept street consists of homogeneous volume. The streets of the city cross each other at right angles. There is no shielding, only the sky covers us.
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
Our first impression was 'familiar place in Japan', but we also thought this kind of homologousness is rather character of this area. We began to thought the building plan that enables the house to develop in proportion to the local.
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
We proposed to construct the house which involves organic connection and lifestyle in it. To do so, we placed one zigzag wall on the site. The Zigzag wall makes divided spaces. Spaces are covered 3 sides by walls, and 1 side is opened to the grounds. The inside and outside are connected by Zigzag wall. The wall located outside goes to the inside, the wall located inside goes to the out side. The private space changes to open space by Zigzag wall.
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
Zigzag wall also produced good results such as wind and sunlight from outside. we paid attention to aperture, one is not noticeable, and the other is highlight. By doing so, we succeeded to make sharp and sharper in the building. Also, we investigated the scale of aperture minutely. We want to create suitable place with their life style by developing various sequence in the building.
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
Photo © Courtesy of Kai Nakamura
The place of life should be composed of constant rhythm, not abstract concept. Thus, we finally succeeded to express organic architectural style. Zigzag house is completely different from court house style which shuts to the surround, that enables resident to live with everything which includes surroundings, family and changing of the structure. Zigzag house shows the way of life for everyone.
Description from the Architects:
concept diagram--drawing © Courtesy of mA-style architects
floor plan--drawing © Courtesy of mA-style architects
Project Data
Project name: ZigZag House
Location: Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan
Program: Single family house
Site Area: 244.49 m2
Building Area: 113.90 m2
Gross Floor Area: 103.51 m2
Completion year: July 2011

The people
Architects: mA-style architects
Principal Designers: Atsushi Kawamoto, Mayumi Kawamoto
Photographs: © Kai Nakamura

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