Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aqua Tower, a 250 Meters Wavering Building in Chicago

Aqua Tower is yet another recent  eye-catching building on the skylines of Chicago. The amazing project comes form Studio Gang Architects, a company located in the same city they had  just changed drastically with this new construction. It is really nice to come across buildings that had a simple idea behind them and that have a design that can easily be drawn or reproduced and be easily recognized worldwide- like The Sydney Opera House, The Eiffel Tower and of course The Burj al Arab with its unique sail figure. The idea of building the Aqua Tower came from the eroded rocks of SAA Great Lakes. You have to admit that there is a high resemblance; however we can not help but be stunned while watching the pictures and thinking just how far away the architects got from a common “art work” of nature. -via
aqua tower studio gang architects
aqua tower studio gang architects1589
aqua tower studio gang architects157
aqua tower studio gang architects15
aqua tower studio gang architects12
aqua tower studio gang architects1
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