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3 Dan Box : By CAPD

Asa-minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan

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Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus)
3 Dan Box by Japanese architectural studio CAPD, is the 3 stacked boxes designed to accommodate a hair saloon and a residence for the hairstylist in Japan. The formal strategy is effectively interacting with the natural sun-lighting, as a result to create a better and comfortable inner environment.

"The outer structure of each story is exactly the same shape and size, and each story is stacked unevenly which provides a roof to shelter against rain and sunlight from the western side, and sometimes helps accentuate the air and light."
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus) 

Project description courtesy of CAPD | Translation: Yoko FuchikawaThis project took place at a site facing a busy intersection. In order to allow for a parking space within the site, we suggested a combined, three-story structure consisting of a hair salon on the first floor and a residential area on the second and third floor.
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus)
The outer structure of each story is exactly the same shape and size, and each story is stacked unevenly which provides a roof to shelter against rain and sunlight from the western side, and sometimes helps accentuate the air and light. Also, the exterior appears as though it has been cut with scissors which unconsciously suggests a hair salon. We tried to facilitate the co-existence of a shop and a residence by separating the “faces” into south and north.
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus) 
We incorporated two concepts based on simple principles: the concept that the sun and wind could follow the client as the day progresses, and the concept of bringing indirect sunlight into the building. The client wakes up with the morning sunlight, walks down the stairs that face the east, and then has breakfast under the morning sunlight. Around noon when the sun is up high, strong sunlight from the south is reflected and softened by the white walls and indirectly comes into the building. Bright sunlight from the west reflects on the tilted outer wall and provides radiance, but does not heat the building. At night, wind from the western mountains passes through the building towards the opening in the east. Direct sunlight, which is commonly taboo in hair salons, is shut out by the second floor structure. Also, the thick outer walls insulate the heat and reduce noise.
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus)
In an environment with little privacy and exposure to four directions of open space, the uneven placement of the stories was produced as a result of an effort to achieve privacy and a comfortable inner environment for an entire day. Furthermore, we intended this structure to provide a suitable shape for a hair salon, and also to serve as a landmark for the area.
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus)
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus)
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus) 
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus)
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus) 
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus)
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus)
Photo © Keiichi Moto (cactus) 
Conceptual diagram--drawing courtesy of CAPD 
Floor plans--drawing courtesy of CAPD 
Sections--drawing courtesy of CAPD

The people
Title: 3 Dan Box(3 Stories Box )
Design: CAPD, Inc.
Architects: Kazuo Monnai, Yohichi Takahashi, Yosuke Hara, Hirokazu Ohara, Dai Tsunenobu
Construction: Hosyo Co., Ltd.
Intended purpose: Combined shop and residence
Location: Asa-minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan
Site area: 265.40 sqm
Total floor space: 216.34 sqm
Number of stories: 3
Structure: Steel construction
Year of completion: 2007
Award: JCD Design Award Best 100 (2008)
Photographer: Keiichi Moto (cactus)

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