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Horizontal Space : By Damilano Studio Architects

Cuneo, Italy
Damilano Studio Architects

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Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
A beutiful house named Horizontal Space in Cuneo, Italy, designed by Italy-based firm Damilano Studio Architects. The house impressed by interplay of pure geometries and organized in horizontal order. The living and dining spaces are surrounded by all the bedrooms, with a huge window and terrace provided, while offering an extensive view over the vast private garden.
http://plusmood.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/horizontal-space-damilano-studio-architects-plusmood-02.jpgPhoto © Andrea Martiradonna 

Project description below provided by architect, Damilano Studio Architects
Horizontal Space is a composition of pure volume of constant height, they moved horizontally and emptied or filled according to the function.
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
A pomegranate highlights the access side. Wide steps leading to the entrance introducing a longitudinal consecutive spaces.
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna 
Born to be divided into two units, the house is characterized by a large central hall, on the main breaks in the structure ca projected towards the outside with a wooden roof.
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna 
The living room, passing from one part of the house, opens with large windows to the garden and into the country. The teak floors warm environment and a stone wall covered with white sheets to create a staggered back almost sculptural material.
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
The cuisine is characterized by a horizontal cut above the work plan, which frames the motagna and the nearby town of farms.
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna 
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna 
In sleeping master a fifth stone fossil health by dividing the room and generates large shower with a satin flat floor. A translucent sliding island ideally the bathroom. The villa also has two bedrooms with their bathroom, a laundry and a bathroom for the living area.
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
The front of the rear, much more austere, has a balcony of the service and the opening of the premises in the basement used as a gym, garage and local technicians.
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Floor Plan--courtesy Damilano Studio Architects 

The people
Project name: Horizontal Space
Client: Private owner
Location: Cuneo, Italy
Project team: Damilano Studio Architects
Architect: Arch. Damilano Duilio
Collaborators: Arch. Claudia Allinio + Geom. Ornella Nicolino
Photographer: Andrea Martiradonna
Surface building: 400 msq
Surface area: 2110 msq
Volume tot: 1890 mc
Completion: 2008

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