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Drop Shanghai : By OOBIQ Architects

Shanghai, China
OOBIQ Architects
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Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
The latest interior design project by OOBIQ Architect has just been completed. Drop Shanghai, which is considered to be the hottest spot in Shanghai (China) night life, opened. The design presents a feeling that reminds European classic interior.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
DROP Shanghai: A contemporary classic.
This was a brainstorming between the Client (DROP Shanghai) and OOBIQ Architects, when the client first shares ideas of their approach of the design for the Club.
OOBIQ Architects suggest the design should not follow too much the international trend of design.
Considering the important location in the city, and considering the important role of the DROP in the lifestyle of the city, both parties – Client and OOBIQ Architects – immediately agreed on how a unique interior should have added value in there.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
On the beginning of the design which the designer need to define what was right in terms of design. Finally the designer found out contemporary classic is the right definition of this place.
The building where Drop is located is one of the few buildings in downtown Shanghai with such original decoration on the ceiling and on the walls. It used to have its own character and soul.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
So, why delete this own identity or demolish its past? As Italian architects and designers, the restoration and the reuse in a modern way of a traditional design is a very strong part of OOBIQ Architects’ background, so it was quite natural this approach to them.
With the definition of ‘contemporary classic’ OOBIQ Architects refers to an in interior made of classic textures, traditional shapes and materials, but transformed and adapted to a Club to be located in such an international city as Shanghai.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
That’s why the interior started to have shapes that remind of European classic interior: boiserie – wooden panels with decorations – became the features walls all around the Club, and classic leather sofa, so-called Chesterfield, became the outstanding seating of Drop. That was the tradition, but designers also have to mix it with the modernity.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
For the bar and DJ booth: two sculptures of stainless steel in champagne finishing, where the three-dimensional decorations create vibrant and warm surfaces that will constantly reflect different tones of light.
The space is organized on different levels, with the VIP rooms and the seating areas located on platforms. In this way the space is not flat and different areas where you can see and you can be seen are created.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
The whole club is presenting the same floor finishing all around the areas: a geometrical Moroccan tile became the motif of the precious marble floor.
This warm decoration becomes another element that shows clearly the crossover of the interior design of Drop: elements of different cultures and times connected together in order to create an unique atmosphere. An atmosphere that have to be sophisticated and easy going at the same time.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
The same decoration, based on the geometry of a hexagon, is the pattern for the stainless steel bar and DJ booth. A sort of distinguishing mark for the DROP.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
The VIP room is created as a box where you can see all the interior of the place, and the design is based on the contrast of soft and hard material. Both the hard material outside and the soft material inside are decorated with the same pattern.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
On the wooden walls, two installations custom-made for Drop make the environment more unique: some famous European paintings are ‘pixelized’ and made three-dimensional which is same in the restrooms.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
In the intention of the Client and OOBIQ Architects the idea was to create a warm environment where customers can mingle, can casually talk together. Also, this can provide people have their own privacy even if they are in a crowded club.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
Drop is designed in order to provide an idea of intimacy but with a feeling of luxury, sophistication and grandeur is still remaining.
A brand new timeless Drop.
Photo © Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects

floor plan--drawing Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects
The people
Interior Designer: OOBIQ Architects
Location: Shanghai, China
Photographs: Courtesy of OOBIQ Architects

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