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House M : By Caramel Architekten

Pöstlingberg, Linz, Austria
Caramel Architekten
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Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl
Sitting on the slope of pöstlingberg in linz, the 12 x 12 meter cube takes full advantage of the lot by establishing itself as far into the north-eastern corner of the site as building codes permit. these two sides have a very hermetic appearance, thus preventing neighbors from looking in. By contrast, the house opens itself toward the south and west with two all-glass façades. the west side of the building offers a magnificent view of the danube valley and
receives sunlight until late in the evening; an externally mounted textile curtain guards against excessive sunlight and overheating. the south façade pulls away from the edge of the cube in free-form retreat, producing a covered terrace area. extending directly from the terrace is a large swimming pond.
Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl
Moving inwards from the southwest open kitchen / dining / living areas that face the swimming pond, one comes to the non-public bedroom units lying to the northeast.
Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl

The cellarless house is made out of prefabricated high-performance structural insulated panels, which were installed onto the concrete floor slab in only a few hours with the help of a truck-mounted crane. the diagonally arranged pillars along the west façade provide structural reinforcement.
Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl

Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl
Slightly inclined toward the east, the roof slab offers gutterless drainage over the façade and into a gravel-filled french drain at the back of the house.
Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl
The cube is enveloped in synthetic membranes. for the roof area white epdm was used; for the façade area (invisibly welded to the roof liner), white teflon-coated pvc, which was secured at intervals through the thermal insulation layer between the outer membrane and the structural panels.
Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl
The simple form of the building volume, the high degree of prefabrication, its excellent cellulose-fiber thermal insulation, as well as the application of calorific value technology and external shading all contribute to making this a very economical and ecological building.
Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl

Photo © Courtesy of Otto Hainzl

floor plan--drawing Courtesy of Caramel Architekten

section 01--drawing Courtesy of Caramel Architekten

section 02--drawing Courtesy of Caramel Architekten
The people
Architects: Caramel Architekten
Location: Pöstlingberg, Linz, Austria
Project Area: 112 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Otto Hainzl
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