Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hollyscape : By Architecture-Urbanism

Los Angeles, California, United States  
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Image © Courtesy of Architecture-Urbanism-- illuminated at night
Dutch - belgian firm architecture - urbanism have done an exercise in which they have
made the holy of the 'hollywood' sign more accessible to the public, without changing
the image.
Image © Courtesy of Architecture-Urbanism
The term 'hollywood' grasps the mental landscape and the realm of the film industry.
the studio literally drew an outline underneath the hollywood sign that does justice to
the historical symbol. the program provides for various activities on a specific theme:
a location for the oscar ceremony in a polyvalent theater, a hotel, a film museum,
a scenographic park with a panoramic view at the city (for reference: park guell
by gaudi in barcelona), a trendy bar & restaurant, a conference room, a casino, etc.
Image © Courtesy of Architecture-Urbanism
The design underlines the word 'hollywood'. in this strip, mostly embedded in the mountain,all kinds of functions are integrated. the space that emerges on top of this strip will serve as a public area like a square or park. ‘the place to be’ - in between, around and in front of the ‘holy’ letters. at this square, stairs, patio's and gardens stretch out which create
a link between all functions and provide them with sunlight and air.
Image © Courtesy of Architecture-Urbanism--the terrace
Image © Courtesy of Architecture-Urbanism
The strip is designed in such a way that the existing letters will remain visible from
all viewpoints in their original form and presence. the proposed design will generate
a financial return on investment and simultaneously rescues the symbolic heart
and soul of hollywood.
Image © Courtesy of Architecture-Urbanism--concept
Image © Courtesy of Architecture-Urbanism--underlining the famous hollywood sign

The people
Architects: Architecture-Urbanism
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Images: © Courtesy of Architecture-Urbanism

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