Thursday, January 6, 2011

KRE house : By Takuya Tsuchida

Shinagawa-tu, Tokyo, Japan
Takuya Tsuchida
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Photo © Courtesy of Takuya Tsuchida
KRE house by japanese architect takuya tsuchida is a 2 1/2 storey, single family residence,
located in shinagawa-tu, tokyo.
Photo © Courtesy of Takuya Tsuchida-the lamborghini taking centre stage within the home

Photo © Courtesy of Takuya Tsuchida
The client's design brief for the project was that it needed to include a nine-car garage,
with the possibility of viewing one from living room. the other was that a tall tree needed
to be placed within the house. tsuchida was given only 2000 square feet to work with,
but his design has included a car lift which moves a car from the garage to the living room,
fulfilling one of his client's requests. here, the classic lamborghini becomes the centerpiece
within this modern home.
Photo © Courtesy of Takuya Tsuchida-the car lift platform camouflaged into the home's interior when a car is not on display

Photo © Courtesy of Takuya Tsuchida-the nine car garage with car lift

Photo © Courtesy of Takuya Tsuchida-view of the lift which moves between the living room and garage

section--drawing Courtesy of Takuya Tsuchida
The people
Architects: Takuya Tsuchida
Location: Shinagawa-tu, Tokyo, Japan
Structure: two-story reinforced concrete and steel construction with basement
Site area: 2,108 square feet (195.84)
Construction area: 1,249 square feet (116.00)
Total floor area: 3,560 square feet (330.73)
Photographs: Courtesy of Takuya Tsuchida

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