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Light House / By IROJE KHM Architects

Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
IROJE KHM Architects
Post By;Kitticoon Poopong
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
Leaves every piece to architect, an architect seems to intend to express the subjective view of image of the client.

Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
The site is undistinguishable, because it barely just out the shape toward the narrow back-road in Sinsa-dong. On the other hand, the openness is rather good owing to the large parking lot and a park between the confrontal Somang church.
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
The new design work was entrusted to me after the frame construction on the basement has completed already by other architect. The structural design is collaborated with the work of initial designer.
The position of pillar acted on burden and limitation of new arrangement planning, but desired arrangement was obtained comparatively after all.
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
The multi-functional architecture which contains offices, a cafe on the first floor a photograph studio in the basement, a detached house on the top floor and the others are endowed a concept of 'single building' as a 'village' where every functional house is gathered.
Every building that are arranged vertically/horizontally are linked to an outside stairs as a ‘passage’ and maintain psychological 'separation'.
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
Several houses located in a building are arranged with the garden as a central and the garden secures a distance to keep a privacy of every house. In addition, it endows a motive with the light, wind, view to promte relationship between the each house.
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
The new upper-side structure is designed with a steel frame to diminish a burden of existing structural frame. The slave deck on the ceiling and the materials for steel frame is exposed as it is to maintain the existing simple structural beauty and to save the construction expenses. The materials of the structure are also used for the finish, so interior expresses a metallic atmosphere.
The facade of the building protects the view from the high bell tower and general view of Somang church.
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
Moreover, the facade of the building intends a 'screen' as a film that controls the light and the view to the transparent glass box toward the road.
This shape is designed with curved surface to harmonize with the limitation line for privacy line by the road, an oval canopy of church faces front entrance directly and an exposed-concrete wall of church. The perforated plate that covers the mass on the front road becomes an image of the building. The light from the inside diffuses to outside faintly through the perforated plate and act as an 'architectural lamp'. The name of 'Light House' is given through the image of architectural lamp.
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
It intended to be a 'lamp' put opposite the church.I think that the architecture is designed with an image of client and location. When the client.
The first impression of the two young clients who visited my office continuously have influenced on the selection of the materials that create an image of building. The image was about the newest trend, vogue, culture youthfulness and so on.
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
I expect 'Light House' to be a building as a 'lamp' that lights a 'light of hope' act with a expression of a bright and young in the region where assumes offensive posture comparatively.
Description from the Architects:
Photo © Courtesy of Jong Oh Kim
Project Data
Project name: Light House
Location: Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Use: Residence and Office
Site area: 247.10 m2
Built-up area: 148.11 m2
Gross floor area: 746.23 m2
Structure: Steel Structure
Exterior finishing: Perforated aluminium sheet, Exposed concrete
Interior finishing: Paint on steel deck plate, Lacquer on gypsum board

The people
Architect: IROJE KHM Architects--HyoMan Kim
Design team: JiWon Han, MiYeong Park
Photographs: © Jong Oh Kim

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