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Paz y Comedias House / By Ramon Esteve ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA

Valencia, Spain
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Photo © Courtesy of Léa Chave
Huge contention walls, built from a local red stone, come along as you climb up the mountain.

Photo © Courtesy of Maite Piera
Photo © Courtesy of Christoph Kicherer
When you arrive to the house these walls turn into structural plans that define the whole house and generate every space and main rooms of the house. Willing to achieve a whole integration with the environment, the red stone is extracted directly from the mountain where the house will be placed and this stone is reused for the walls.
Photo © Courtesy of Christoph Kicherer
Photo © Courtesy of Christoph Kicherer
Therefore the house deeply-rooted with the ground and the surroundings gets his tectonic character integrated with the landscape. The parallel walls layout perpendicular to the mountain forming all the spaces of the house, as said before these walls are completed with the windows built like glass walls from down to top limiting the space and allowing an ideal dialogue with the exterior. The view at the head of the house is the valley that lay to the sea.
Photo © Courtesy of Maite Piera
The main bedroom is completed with a huge balcony suspended to the open space giving a panoramic view of the surroundings and a breathtaking sensation of weightlessness.At the rear of the house we can access to an external quite place, a patio resulting of the separation of the house from the mountain.
Photo © Courtesy of Christoph Kicherer
Photo © Courtesy of Maite Piera
This patio links the house with the old house; we can consider the new hose as an extension of the original house and the link a hall to the art gallery situated at the gardens of the house. To this patio, limited between the house and the mountain, lays all the private rooms of the house as an opposite to the rest of the rooms laid to the open spaces of the valley. The impression of the lack of limits between the exterior and interior of the house is mainly due to the massive glass windows and the height of the ceilings. There is a smooth and fluent connection between the internal rooms encouraged by continuity of the materials between rooms, this communication is stressed by the reduction of these materials to the minimum.
Photo © Courtesy of Maite Piera
Project Data
Project name: Paz y Comedias House
Location: Valencia, Spain
Program: Single family house
Materials Theme: Natural Stone

The people
Principal designer: Ramon Esteve
Contributors: Paula Cabrera, Mercedes Cove, Anna Bosco, Olga Badía  Technical Architect: Antonio Morales, Emilio Perez
Photographs: © Léa Chave, Christoph Kicherer, Maite Piera

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