Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double House : By Iodice Architetti

Architects: Iodice Architetti (Francesco Iodice, Giuseppe Iodice, Orsola Pezone, Marcello Silvestre)
Location: Aversa, Italy
Programme: Private Residence
Collaborators: Donatello Diana, Stefano Sembiante
Construction year: 2008

This house is a sculptural object that lives in its relationship with light. Interaction perfect, calibrated, plastics between mass and generate a light directed by dense shadows, defined safe. The intervention is in a degraded site.

It is an almost alien presence, in terms of quality compared to the context, and is also a sign of redemption, proactive, able to witness the possibility of an alternative way to build, intelligent, sensitive to the territory in which you insert.

The ground floor houses the living area and consists of a single environment, fluid, open, designed in direct continuity with the outside areas. The upper body accepts the sleeping area. The two plans are linked in connection with a generous skylight made up of large travoni reinforced concrete on sight.By Nico Saieh — Via:archdialy
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lower level plan
d1 lower level plan
ground floor plan
d2 ground floor plan
first floor plan
d3 first floor plan
elevation 01
d4 elevation 01
elevation 02
d5 elevation 02
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