Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ecological Shelters at Finca El Retorno : By G Ateliers

shelter 01

Architects: G Ateliers
Design Team: Orlando García M., Hernán Galvis, Luis Eduardo Echeverri, Juan David Botero O.
Location: Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia
Contractor: Orlando García, Natalia García M.
Collaborator: Maria Fernanda Vasco O
Structural Engineer: Jorge Aristizabal
Photographs: Gustavo Valencia

shelter 01 shelter 01 shelter 02 shelter 02

he project is located in Guatapé- Antioquia, a place with natural potential for ecological tourism development just two hours from Medellín.

shelter 02

The design acknowledges the natural beauty of the site to create 8 ecological shelters that care to minimize the impact on the site and achieve a delicate fusion of architecture and place. These shelters emerge from the topography and enhance the surrounding nature without competing with it. Corridors at the perimeter, traditional elements from the Colombian dwelling architecture are introduced to achieve a clear relationship between interior and exterior.

shelter 01

The green roofs provide spaces for outdoors activities while the wood covered walls generate a warm and cozy atmosphere at the interior.
By Nico Saieh — Via:archdialy

shelter 01
refugio-1-01 shelter 01
shelter 01
refugio-1-02 shelter 01
shelter 01
refugio-1-03 shelter 01
shelter 01
refugio-1-05 shelter 01
shelter 01
refugio-1-06 shelter 01
shelter 01
refugio-1-08 shelter 01
shelter 02
refugio-2-01 shelter 02
shelter 02
refugio-2-02 shelter 02
shelter 02
refugio-2-03 shelter 02refugio-2-05 shelter 02
shelter 02
refugio-2-06 shelter 02
shelter 02
refugio-2-07 shelter 02
urbanismo masterplan
shelter 01 ground plan
dibujos-refugio-1-01 shelter 01 ground plan
shelter 01 roof plan
dibujos-refugio-1-02 shelter 01 roof plan
shelter 01 section & elevation
dibujos-refugio-1-03 shelter 01 section & elevation
shelter 02 ground plan
dibujos-refugio-2-01 shelter 02 ground plan
shelter 02 roof plan
dibujos-refugio-2-02 shelter 02 roof plan
shelter 02 section & elevation
dibujos-refugio-2-03 shelter 02 section & elevation
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