Thursday, September 23, 2010

University Hospital by C.F Moller in Akershus, Oslo


Modern Design of University Hospital by C.F Moller University Hospital by C.F Moller in Akershus, Oslo
University hospital designed by C. F Moller, located at Akershus, Oslo. This project started in 2004 and was planned for completion in 2011.

The following is an explanation of C.F. Moller Architects:

The new university hospital is not a traditional institution building; it is a friendly, informal place with open and comprehensible surroundings oriented towards the patients and their relatives

The hospital’s various departments all differ in their dimensions, form and expression. The wards have one kind of architectural expression, while the treatment departments have another, and the children’s clinic has an expression all its own. This helps to create a varied visual experience, while at the same time making it easy to find your way around.

The design of the complex reveals the influence of the high priority given to daylight for all workplaces, views of the surrounding landscape, and contact with the outside environment. A glass-covered main thoroughfare, in which wood is the dominating material, links the various buildings and functions. This glass street forms the hospital’s main arterial route, and is structured as a series of open spaces of differing character, offering various functions such as kiosk, pharmacy, hairdresser, church and café.

The short distances between the functions, the clear organisation and the modern technology give the staff more time for their patients.

New University Hospital
New University Hospital
Modern Design of University Hospital University Hospital by C.F Moller in Akershus, Oslo
Akhersus University Hospital
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