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Xeros Residence : By Blank studio

Phoenix, United States
Blank studio 

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Wrapping Xeros residence in a veil of rusted steel, Blank Studio borrows hues from the desert landscape

1250695692-xr-a 1250695692-xr-a
Photo coutesy Blank studio
I wanted to wrap one material around the entire house—as sort of an architectural lingerie,” explains Matthew Trzebiatowski, AIA, about the rusted wire mesh and corrugated steel swathing the exterior of his Xeros Residence in Phoenix, Arizona. In designing —under the name Blank Studio—the one-bedroom, 2,200-square-foot home for his wife, Lisa, and himself, Trzebiatowski, an architect in the office of Wendell Burnette (page 92), seized on a lacy, if gritty, mesh to enclose open sitting areas and screen the glazed walls. Elsewhere along the exterior, sturdy corrugated-steel panels, oxidized to a ruddy hue, gird the
structure. “The impulse was primarily aesthetic,” Trzebiatowski says, noting, however, that the wire mesh both cuts the sun’s glare and affords privacy, while the corrugated steel—with insulation—affords warmth when temperatures drop. Trzebiatowski also used steel for the structural frame. He considers a totally steel house a “kind of holistic notion that works well with the parched and rocky landscape. Most of my decisions are about being in this place,” he says. Because of the desert climate, he named the house Xeros, the Greek word for dry. (Fortunately, the lack of moisture here has kept the rusting process from going too far.)  
1250695730-xr-b 1250695730-xr-b
Photo coutesy Blank studio
The neighborhood where the Trzebiatowskis found a rectangular, 1⁄8-acre corner lot (recently expanded to 1⁄4 acre) lies on Phoenix’s outskirts, where the city’s flat, gridded streets come to a screeching halt at the foothills of the North Phoenix Mountain Preserve. The existing, unprepossessing, shoe-box-shaped house had to go: Like many in this catchment of undistinguished, one-story ranches and bungalows, it dated to the 1950s and needed extensive renovation. With musicians, architects, and artists moving into this precinct, it is not surprising that these newer, more bohemian neighbors didn’t complain to the local design review board that the 30-foot-high, rusty-steel house would, without exceeding the zoning height limit, loom up over this enclave’s stuccoed walls and tiled roofs. 

1250695747-xr-c 1250695747-xr-c
Photo coutesy Blank studio 

From various angles, the Xeros Residence looks like a treehouse or a huge periscope—or both, combined. Within a narrow site, measuring only 50 by 250 feet, Trzebiatowski could not spread out horizontally, nor did he and his wife relish looking directly into the next-door neighbors’ houses or yards. So on the upper level, he oriented the 30-by-16-foot living/dining/kitchen area to the south, toward the valley where the rest of Phoenix sprawls, and the bedroom to the north, facing the unpopulated mountains. The 24-foot-long bedroom wing cantilevers 12 feet to the east from the house’s 12-foot-wide base to include a home media center. The base, containing a library and studio, is partially enclosed by sloping concrete foundation walls, and depressed slightly below grade along the hill’s 5-degree incline. To the south, the studio opens onto an enclosed outdoor patio and, beyond that, a 14-inch-deep pool.
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Photo coutesy Blank studio
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1250695838-xr-i 1250695838-xr-i
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1250696273-xr-n 1250696273-xr-n
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Photo coutesy Blank studio1250696364-xr-v 1250696364-xr-v
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1250696425-situation situationsituation
1250696433-site-plan5 site plansite plan
1250696440-mezzanine-level-plan mezzanine level planmezzanine level plan
1250696448-lower-level-plan lower level planlower level plan
1250696456-upper-level-plan upper level planupper level plan
1250696466-section-a section Asection A
1250696500-sections-b-c sections B & Csections B & C

the People
Matthew + Lisa Trzebiatowski
blank studio
1441 East Sunnyside Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85020
phone: 602 331 3310
fax: 602 331 3525
Matthew G Trzebiatowski, AIA
interior Designer:
blank studio
Brickey Design Associates (BDA) www.brickeydesign.com
Mechanical + Plumbing:
Kunka Engineering www.kunka.com
Tony Woo Engineering
Basic Drilling; Septic
Fugro South Inc. www.fugrosouth.com
Debra Burnette Landscape Design

General contractor
180 Degrees
Timmerman Photography Incorporated
382 North First Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85003
phone: 602 420 9325
CAD system, project management, or other software used
AutoCAD 2005, 3D Studio Max R8 usa.autodesk.com
the Products
Structural System
Concrete subsurface walls, steel frame
Exterior cladding
EIFS, ACM, or other:
Corrugated metal cladding, woven steel wire mesh
Sprayed-on foam roofing w/ embedded rock to match site
Custom by Architect
Clear glass, tinted glass, acid-etched glass + colored laminated glass
Tempered clear glass – custom by Architect
Metal doors:
Steel frame + clear tempered glass – custom by Architect
Sliding doors:
Exterior acid-etched glass pocket door - Pacer Glass (sliding hardware)
Steel – custom by Architect
Cabinet hardware:
Magnetic touch latch, concealed hinges, recessed door pulls - Hafele (hinges and latches) www.hafele.com
Dline www.dline.com
Interior finishes
Special surfacing:
Briwax (Gypsum plaster + wax) www.briwaxwoodcare.com
Concrete floor (studio), Sanded and sealed OSB (mezzanine), NAP board “Euro Board” (upper level)
Fixed seating:
Bench seating (living space) fabricated with NAP board
Steel frame + etched or colored laminated glass – custom by Architect
Interior ambient lighting:
T5 staggered fluorescent with colored gels sleeves - Lithonia www.lithonia.com
– Trimless recessed fixtures in walls and ceilings + “Nadir” recessed floor fixtures - Deltalight www.deltalight.com
– Erco www.erco.com
“Wrightliter” submerged reflecting pool light - Nightscaping www.nightscaping.com
Lutron (tap switches) www.lutron.com
– Kohler (“Vessels”, Stainless drop in bowl) www.kohler.com
– Kindred www.kindred-sinkware.com
Duravit (Happy D) www.duravit.com
Duravit www.duravit.com
Kohler (“Vivacia” rain shower type) www.kohler.com
Kohler (“Stillness”) www.kohler.com
Kitchen Appliances
True (under counter, commercial kitchen type) www.truemfg.com
Jenn-Aire (stainless steel) www.jennair.com
Manufacturer: Jenn Aire (30” stainless steel) www.jennaire.com
Swimming Pool:
Steel reflecting pool (black epoxy coated) + stainless steel filler – custom by Architect
via:archrecord--By Suzanne Stephens
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