Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guyane Memory Center : By D3 Architectes

Cayenne, French Guiana
D3 Architectes
Post By:Kitticoon Poopong
Image © Courtesy of D3 Architectes
Guyane’s memory center is a project who holds a deep and resonant identity. It’s a lively medium who gather and give strength to local history.
The construction helps two significant aspects: physical and symbolic:
-  Protect valuable and precious documents who makes the Guyane’s cultural and historic heritage, inside a technical shelter within cooling triple skin.
- Give a genuine symbol to this heritage belonging to the Guyane’s spirit, through an interpretation of a “pictural” local and popular architecture “le Carbet” kind of roofing sunshade providing rest, shadow and fresh air.
Image © Courtesy of D3 Architectes
Project is made by three fundamental components:
1. In the very center a huge and compact Silo (17x23x49 meters), where archives are stored, takes the main place; protected from temperature and humidity by a double concrete skin It’s also protected from the sun by a wood skin giving its identity to the building.
This safe box, extract from the soil takes height to be seen. It’s supported by massif pillars who’s embody archives masses.
site plan--drawing Courtesy of D3 Architectes
2. Activities like offices, workshops, reception,  reading and educational rooms, take places as a huge Ring spinning around the stores. This helps the building compactness and connection between services.
This exchange take his meaning through a generous alley lightened by a high funnel formed between wood and concrete skin. Into this funnel at the first floor a small footbridge take the same way as a mezzanine to connect 1st floor rooms. This special space give the store a kind of great scenery, and is also used as a resting or meeting space. It’s synthesize and regulate all movements in an unique main flux.
floor plan--drawing Courtesy of D3 Architectes
3. The whole building is  covered by a protecting Skin. This skin is composed of balata wood slats, placed horizontally to protect from the noon sun rays. The slats give a slightly move to the building as an articulate shell, to express a temporal energy, relating the lively influence of the data man can find inside. Oppositely to an opinion giving those data an inert and worn mood.
Axonometric Section--drawing Courtesy of D3 Architectes
The shape of this wrapping membrane is inspired by “le carbet” finding comparisons into cultural and architectural aspects:
-cooling the space by a huge shadow surface.
-see without been disturb by the sun shine.
-protect from the monsoon rain.
-Organic shape giving echo to his natural environment.
Exploded Axonometric--drawing Courtesy of D3 Architectes
The people
Architects: D3 Architectes
Location: Cayenne, French Guiana
Images: © Courtesy of D3 Architectes
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